This is the book site of author Reid A. Ashbaucher and exists for the purpose of giving those interested in his work access to the following:

  • Information about his books
  • Direct access to the author
  • How to connect for resale purposes

As you browse through this site, it should also answer most of your initial questions – such as:

  • What are the books about?
  • Who is the Author?
  • What formats can I get the books in?
  • What do others say about the books?
  • And finally, where can I pickup some copies?

These books would also make good resource material for discussions in small groups or class rooms. There are book outlets listed on this site that give a discount and free shipping for quantity orders in the U.S. and around the World.

If you have any questions for the author, you can contact him through the About Us or Blog Page links above. If you are a retail provider, you can find the vendor’s link under “About Us” and that should help you get started in carrying these books for retail purposes.

Thank you for your interest and remember: books make a great gift anytime of the year, so we invite you to pick up a copy for yourself or for someone else at your earliest convenience.