Book Publishing: A Quick Guide For First Time Authors

From the Introduction Page

When I started out to have my first book published, I was clueless to the process. I had a book concept in my mind for over 25 years, but it was not until I finished my Masters degree that I became serious about accomplishing the task. Now it has been four years and two books later and I feel motivated to help others navigate the same hurdles I faced when starting out to complete such a lofty goal.

This short book will not sell your books or make you a better writer, but it will help you understand the process and perhaps cut down on the frustrations that may come while trying to accomplish your goals.

My writing style is simple; I write to be informative and to do it in a systematic manor. So come join me, while I try to bring answers to the many questions most have as they first encounter this subject – questions like – what is the process of getting a book published and how does it all work? With these questions in mind, come join me, and let us go through this quick guide on book publishing for first time authors.