The Christian Faith

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The Christian Faith: A Quick Guide to Understanding Its Inter-Workings is just that: a quick and concise explanation to what the Christian faith is all about and how it all works.

The Christian faith is a life lived, not a religion practiced. Therefore, there are many aspects to the Christian faith requiring some knowledge to learn along the spiritual journey.

This book is designed to help those that are looking to know more about the Christian faith, or those that would like to teach a class or hold a small group discussion on Christianity 101. This book may also be helpful to those that may simply like to know more about their faith in general, but may have never been discipled or trained for a better understanding of their faith. If these categories fit you, then this is a good resource to meet your goals.

From the Introduction Page

From the beginning of time, humans have always searched for meaning and purpose in life. Why am I here? What is the meaning of life? What difference does my existence make to anyone? As we search for answers to these questions; we find our world-view and life values beginning to form in our minds. Many people discover spiritual issues arising within this search; and they begin to turn to religion for answers. This may expose them to sifting their way through many world religions and religious cults in the hope of finding answers to their important questions that never go away. If you find yourself in this quest, or if you are just curious, The Christian Faith: A Quick Guide to Understanding its Inter-workings is just for you. We will talk about the nature of Christianity; its origins; its fundamental principles; its foundational teachings; and how it answers questions for your everyday life.

The primary readers of this book will be those that have just found faith in Jesus Christ, or Christians that have made new commitments to know more about their faith, or someone searching for answers in life and are examining Christianity for those answers, or someone that just wants a quick guide to knowing more about the Christian faith in general. If this fits your circumstances you have found the right book.


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