About E-Book Readers

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Information About E-Book Readers & Formats


There are many eBook formats that have been used over the years; the list below are the most prominent used today. For a comprehensive list you can – click here.

  • The Kindle family of readers is exclusive to Amazon and can read Kindle and Adobe PDF formats.

  • The  Nook family of readers is exclusive to Barnes & Noble and can read Nook, Adobe EPUB and PDF formats.

  • Apple’s iPad is a tablet computer and can read the Apple iBook, as well as run Kindle, Nook and Adobe Digital Applications. Therefore, an iPad can read any eBook on the market using the appropriate application program.  Apple’s iPhone and iPod touch can read the iBook and Adobe EPUB formats. The iBook is made available through iTunes.

  • Adobe EPUB is a format that is part of “Adobe Digital Applications” and the adopted format of Google Books and Android platforms. The EPUB format can be read on over 250 reading devices worldwide. This includes readers like: Sony, Kobo, Pocketbook, GAJAH and VEDIA. For a comprehensive list of Adobe EPUB reading devices – click here.

  • Kobo is a Rakuten Company which sells the Kobo eBook reader and uses the following eBook formats: EPUB, EPUB3, and PDF. Kobo is their own brand and has their own eBook on-line store. For more information about Kobo – click here.

  • Sony is an eBook reader that used its own format but has switched over to using the EPUB format. To see what format Sony readers can use  – click here.

    Note: Our eBooks are available in “Kindle” and “EPUB” formats and should be readable on any device capable of reading the two formats mentioned.