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Shipping Details for Dispensational Theology Educational Course

All U.S. purchases include shipping costs and are shipped by Priority Mail through the USPS on our next workday. This store insures and tracks all shipments. The shipped packages contain two items. A paperback copy of the textbook and one USB thumb drive with all the software listed with your purchased item. We ship all in-stock products the next business day. If you do not receive your product within 7 workdays from the date of sale, please let us know. This product is also available by digital download, with the book sold separately worldwide. If the product is out of stock, we will notify you of the back-order and expected shipping date.

All product items are also available by digital download and delivered through secure system. After making payment through the Gumroad secure payment system, you will be directed to a landing page which will allow you to download your product files. Make a note of where you are saving the file, so you can find it on your computer later. 

Please “white list the domain name “” within you email system to prevent our product notification emails from ending up in your spam folder.  

Zip File Handling

Microsoft Windows Operating Systems starting with Windows 7 and later all have a built-in zip tool. If you’re unfamiliar with zip folders, our product comes with a file explaining how to unzip your files using your built-in zip tool. If you have an earlier Windows version, there are other FREE zip programs available on the Internet that do the same thing, such as Winzip or 7-Zip.

(If you have any questions about or issues with this product please contact us.)

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Reid Ashbaucher
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