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The organizations listed below are a few on-line bookstores that carry Reid’s books around the world. Check all sites for their shipping policies. For local store locations, you can check their website’s store locator. Remember: Book pricing is not the same in every store, and a book on-line does not mean the same book is in the local store. If you wish to pickup a copy locally, you may need to call them before making the visit. To locate or purchase the following books on websites listed below, click on the “Organization links” listed, then copy and past the  author’s name or the book’s [ ISBN ] number in the website’s search box.

Note: For best search results: use the authors name or the eBook’s ISBN when searching for eBooks or the book’s [ ISBN – 13 ] number when searching for print editions. The book outlets listed on this page carries one or more of Reid’s book titles listed below.

Title: Made in the Image of God: Understanding the Nature of God and Mankind in a Changing World

(Second Revised Edition)

The Christian Faith: A Quick Guide to Understanding Its Inter-Workings

(Second Edition)

How to Understand and Live your Faith
Author: Reid A. Ashbaucher Reid A. Ashbaucher Reid A. Ashbaucher
ISBN: (PB) 9781513623818 ;   (HB) 9781513623825 ; (ePUB) 9781513623832
(PB) 9781513623177 ; (ePUB) 9781513623160
(PB) 9781513621579 ; (ePUB) 9781513621562
Formats: Paperback ; Hardcover ; ePUB ; Kindle Paperback ; ePUB ; Kindle Paperback ; ePUB ; Kindle



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