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  • Now that all my books are all under one roof so to speak, I can now focus on a new project. I will be researching over the next year and hopefully putting together a new two book series on end times or the doctrine of last things. For those in the world of academia, the subject of Eschatology. Having competed two semesters in college on this topic, while over the years reading varies sources bringing some confusion to this subject, I have decided to make an attempt to bring clarity to this subject matter. Using the Scriptures and hopefully some sound reasoning, we will walk through all the various views and systematically present a clear view on what I would see as a reasonable and systematic approach to the subject matter of Eschatology. Perhaps to the level of College text book required reading. So stay tuned.

  • My first book published over six years ago called “Made in the Image of God: Understanding the Nature of God and Mankind in a Changing World” is going out of print as of July 31, 2017. I have taken this edition and have added about 10,000 words creating a “Revised Edition.” As of July 31, 2017 this edition will be going out of print, because I have pulled all my books from the market and placed them under one label – my own. As of July 31, 2017 if you purchase any of my books as new purchases, you will see on the copyright page the label “Reid Ashbaucher Publication”. “Made in the Image of God” is now available worldwide as a “Second Revised Edition” with its printed versions to be available starting some time next week. I hope you look for it.

  • I have made some minor syntax corrections and modified the back cover design of my book called “How to Understand your Faith” and is now available worldwide in paperback and eBook editions. You can find it at places like: Amazon, Barnes & Noble, iTunes, Kobo, Books-A-Million and over 39,000 other on-line book outlets.

  • I just release the Second Edition of my second book “The Christian Faith: A Quick Guide to Understanding Its Inter-Workings” and will be available starting tomorrow June 30, 2017. The book is the same as the first edition with a new cover and some syntax corrections, along with a paperback price change from $11.95 to $9.95. You can pick up a copy at Amazon, Barnes & Noble, as well as, ePUB edition at Kobo and iTune stores.

  • My new book “How To Understand And Live Your Faith” is now available worldwide in paperback and eBook formats at,,, iTunes stores and over 37,000 on-line book outlets.

  • My new book “How To Understand And Live Your Faith” will be released May 15, 2017. Pre-orders can now be made with and for the eBook editions, with the paperback on Amazon coming just behind it. The book will also be available, soon, at all Kobo and Apple iTune stores worldwide. Thanks for stopping by!

  • My new book “How To Understand And Live Your Faith” should be out sometime in May, 2017. I will be distributing it through Smashwords and Amazon KDP and Print Services. This will make this book available in EPUP and Kindle eBook formats, and its print edition will be carried through Amazon. This will make the book available at Amazon – worldwide, Barnes & Noble, Kobo Stores – worldwide, Apple iTunes and several other online sites around the world. I hope you will look it up starting next mid-month. The promotion on this site should be up by the end of this month, in which I am excited about!

  • Our discussion on the Nature of God continues.

    As you will read in my book “Made in the Image of God” I break down the metaphysical make up of God into to two parts. These parts then become the focus of the book’s discussions. The parts I am referring to are “Soul” and “Spirit”, two parts that are not interchangeable, but are linked together forming the essence or make up of God. Spirit representing the single unifying nature of God and soul representing the three persons of God, reflecting God’s attributes of personhood. How do I define soul or personhood? Soul is that part of God and Man that produces intellect, emotion and will. Spirit is that part of God and Man that reflects attitudes among other things. You can find these discussions starting in chapter two of my book, which includes helpful diagrams throughout the book to help those who learn better with visual aids.

  • I put together another talk and since then have turned that into another book project. The book should be less then a 100 pages but I am enjoying the process and gaining a better understanding of the subject matter. When one writes on any subject its exciting to see how you learn and come to understand things in a fuller way, then before. The things I write about are things that matter in our spiritual lives, but by researching and writing them down, makes the things you thought you had a grasp on more clear. Hope to have this book out by the Fall.

  • As I was searching the Internet today, I noticed a great deal of interest in the subject of the nature of God. Because our world is so pluralistic in its approach to God, some have found it necessary to specify what god we are talking about. Thus, the God of Christianity is mentioned. After reading some blogs and thinking through the concepts discussed, I believe some comments about the nature of God would be in order here, since my book “Made in the Image of God” is the result of over 27 years of research on the nature of God and Mankind.

    Some start this conversation with a rundown on all the attributes of God as the Scripture reveal them to us; but I think perhaps a different approach may be helpful in our contemplation to this vast subject. It has been said that this subject is unapproachable because of the finite mind of humanity. But after studying the subject for most of my life and praying for God’s wisdom for his understanding of himself, God allowed me to author the book “Made in the Image of God: Understanding the Nature of God and Mankind in a Changing World. Since then the revised edition was just released, which provides another opportunity to speak to this subject in more detail.

    Over the next few months I will use this forum to present to you some concepts that perhaps you may not have thought of before, in hopes to stimulate a discussion for all of us to think about. If you pass through here and read something that interest you, feel free to use the comment section of this blog to share any thoughts or observations to the discussion.

    (The Nature of God)

    The term “nature” as it references natural law, or as we speak of our universe, is defined to include everything under time and space and includes all forms of beings which have an effect on the natural universe. This leaves us with the question to how God fits into all that. The supernatural is a dimension many scientists do not acknowledge. So, how does the nature of God fit into all this, we will talk about that the next time we get together.

  • Hello everyone,

    Innovo Publishing, LLC just released Made in the Image of God (Revised Edition) May 23, 2016. Press release can be found here:( ) Understanding the Nature of God and Humanity Becomes More Clear, with the New Revised Edition of Made in the Image of God.

  • I received my author’s copy of my new revised edition of “Made in the Image of God”, and it turned out great. I am posting the cover image here, while we wait for the release sometime this month. It will appear first at Amazon and Barnes & Noble, then it will begin to show up worldwide in over 70,000 on line book outlets.

  • Hello everyone,

    This post is an update on my new book, which is a revised edition of my first book “Made in the Image of God.” The book has an additional 9,461 words, but do to reformatting the back end material, the book has about ten less pages. The interior design is complete, the ISBN’s have been assigned, the prices have been set. The book cover design is next on the agenda, with a new book cover design on the board. The book’s release date is October, but I am hoping for September. Whatever the date, I hope you investigate the new look and pickup a copy to read. I think the changes will help new and past readers come to a better understanding of the material, which is the goal. Thanks for stopping by!

  • More website updates have occurred, providing better control over font colors and graphics. Hope the changes provide a better look. I know from the standpoint of behind the scenes, the webmaster is much happier. The new revised edition of my first book is coming along and should be out by September. Stay tuned!

  • The Christian Faith: A Quick Guide To Understanding Its Inter-Workings was written from a non-denominational perspective, while presenting the faith from a historical and biblical view point through a Biblicist interpretation of the Scriptures. This book presents an orthodox view that makes up the foundation to Christian teaching. Along the way, it talks about biblical translations, foundational teachings, differences in how the scriptures are viewed and insights to the inter-workings of the local church. The targeted audience of this book is: new believers in Christ, Christians who are looking to learn more about their faith and those who are not Christian, but would like to know more. This project was inspired through seeing the lack of understanding about the Christian faith from inside the body of Christ – the universal church.

  • Just signed a new contract with Innovo Publishing to publish my new Revised Edition of my first book “Made in the Image of God”, and hopefully to be released in the Fall of this year. As the process unfolds I will keep you up to date on how it’s going, from editing, to interior design to cover image changes. It’s been five years since the First Edition was released, and I am looking forward to getting this new edition out. The changes are not to correct any conclusions, but to provide additional support to what has already been said and to address theological concerns that have risen over the years.

  • Hello Everyone,

    This past year I have discovered a company called America Star Books, who publishes as well as promotes books worldwide. I find their fees extremely
    affordable and will be representing my second book “The Christian Faith: A Quick Guide To Understanding Its Inter-Workings” at book fairs around the world. If you have any interest in book fairs, I hope you stop by their book table and say hello. America Star Books will be at the Paris Book Fair in Paris, France, the Los Angeles Times Festival of Books in Los Angeles, California, at Book Expo America in Chicago, ILL and the Frankfurt Book Fair in Frankfurt, Germany. If you were at the American Library Association midwinter meeting in Boston this past January, I hope you were able to pick some material in promotion of my book. (2016 Book Events )

    The book “The Christian Faith” was written to fill a need for better understanding to just what the Christian faith is all about, in contrast to other religions in today’s cultural settings. Written from a non-denominational Protestant perspective this book focuses on a historical perspective of its nature, beliefs, message and doctrinal teachings. If you are a new Christian or just someone that wants to know more about the Christian faith in general, then this book was written for you. We talk about the faith’s historical beginnings, the Gospel from beginning to end, the historical teaching of the faith, where the Bible came from along with its various translations, and some information on the inter-workings of the Christian church.

    It is my view that even within the Christian faith there is confusion to what it’s all about from a biblical and historical perspective, and therefore a need for such a book. For more information feel free to look around this site.

    Thanks for stopping by.

  • Just released a new eBook called Book Publishing: A Quick Guide For First Time Authors. This book covers the basics one needs to know to get started in publishing their first book, along with tips on how to build an Authors platform. Pick up a copy and let me know it it was helpful.

    The book is available at, Barns & Noble and iTunes in Kindle, Sony and EBUP formats.