Christianity 101: A Simpler Way Forward

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Book Cover

Christianity 101: A Simpler Way Forward is a book that provides foundational knowledge about the Christian faith. When learning any new subject, there is a learning curve that can sometimes feel you are in a maze. Questions arise like, What is that concept all about? How does that subject relate to the others, and where do I start in this learning process? Christianity 101 provides a starting place that provides knowledge and understanding of concepts within the faith, and how to understand the foundational teachings of faith in Jesus Christ. This book is for those that are new or seeking to know more about the Christian faith. It will provide you an organized approach to the key elements of the faith and how it all works together, moving you out of the maze and onto a path that is much less confusing to travel on.

Book Excerpt

The primary readers of this book will be those that are looking for ways to understand their faith, whether new to the subject or someone that has been at it for a while or someone looking at Christianity to see what it is all about. Either way, the result will be you end up with foundational knowledge on the subject and the next time you walk into a situation where Christian doctrine or teaching is part of the discussion; you will not feel out of the loop; you will not feel you just walked into the middle of that conversation but will be a little more confident in joining in the conversation. It is possible you might find yourself knowing a little more than the one standing next to you for the first time, perhaps to where you could help them along their spiritual journey.  p. 12