Print On Demand

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What does “PRINT ON DEMAND” mean?

Our books are Print-On-Demand book products.

Print-On-Demand (POD) means a book product is printed when an order is placed instead of printing a book in advance and storing them while waiting for orders. As an end result, there is no cost generated to anyone in the distribution network until an order is placed and paid for. An exception to this is when a book outlet chooses to stock a book by purchasing the product before the sale is made. By doing this, the book can be shelved for the customer’s view and immediate purchase.

Ingram distribution networks prints and ship their orders as they come in, with a print/ship turn-a-round time frame of 24 to 48 hours.)

If you purchase a book through the Espresso Book Machine® Network (EBM), a Library quality paperback book, around 235 pages with a color cover, can be printed, bound, and handed to you in less than five (5) minutes, or you can have the book printed and shipped directly to you. Print-On-Demand keeps costs down and allows you the benefit of a quality product at a reasonable price.

E-Books are electronic or digital formatted books and can be downloaded from the Internet to your Computer, Tablet, eBook reader, or Smartphone in less than a minute.

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