Made in the Image of God

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 Note: Made in the Image of God is “Thee Text Book” on the subject of the nature of God in general and the Trinity in particular, with editions siting on the shelves of the Library of Congress, National Library, Denmark, Copenhagen University Library, Denmark, Cedarville University Library and sold at Harvard’s on-line bookstore, along with 39,000 other book retailers.

Made in the Image of God is a book that provides key concepts for understanding the nature and personhood of God and mankind, while providing deeper insights into how we as human beings relate to God physically, emotionally and spiritually in a metaphysical way, both now and in the future.

Within this study, there are discussions on such topics as The Nature of God, The Nature of Mankind, The Trinity, and Jesus Christ as God and Man, while providing concepts that will help open the door to understanding God’s revelation concerning himself, as revealed through the Scriptures. One reader commented: “After fifty years of being a Christian and doing lots of Bible study, this book gave me the clearest understanding of the Trinity and their interaction with me.”

 Made in the Image of God is good resource material for supplementing studies in: Bible, Theology, Apologetics, Anthropology, Metaphysics or Philosophy of Religion.