Author Reid Ashbaucher Develops New PowerPoint® Aid for Educational Use to Teach Eschatology from a Dispensational Theology Perspective  

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TOLEDO, OH—June 3, 2020—Author Reid Ashbaucher develops a 100 slide PowerPoint® presentation to aid in teaching a new “Dispensational Theology Educational Course” based on the author’s textbook, Dispensational Theology: A Textbook on Eschatology in the Twenty-First Century published June 2019.

Dispensational Theology: A Textbook on Eschatology in the Twenty-First Century was designed around a two-semester course at a 300 or higher secondary education level. It is the author’s view that local churches that operate their own adult education programs could also use this book. With local churches in mind, the author has created a 100 slide (7 MB) PowerPoint® course presentation to aid instructors in teaching the subject of Eschatology from a dispensational perspective using the author’s book as the primary textbook for student use.

Blueink Review (November 2019) states, “Reid A. Ashbaucher delivers an intelligent, well-organized, readable textbook on eschatology (the study of the end of the world) through the lens of dispensationalism. … Ashbaucher does an excellent job of making complex topics digestible… Overall, Evangelical Christians and students of Christianity will find this a masterfully presented look at dispensationalism and end-of-the-world prophecy.”

Justin Watkins in the Journal of Dispensational Theology 2019, vol. 23, no. 67, pp. 227-229, states, “The structure of the book is well organized and suitable for a classroom setting. The premise is to demonstrate the significance of eschatology in the twenty-first century from a dispensational viewpoint. … Overall it is the opinion of this reviewer that Dispensational Theology: A Textbook on Eschatology in the Twenty-First Century would make a good textbook for a Sunday School class or possibly an introduction to eschatology.”

“Dispensational Theology Educational Course” is released under four different End Users License Agreements (EULA) with an option to purchase test exams designed on the textbook. The licensing will allow users to show the presentation only on-site of the presentation or on-site and online through networks or Webinars. Under these scenarios, the licensing will allow for individual use or organizational use. The pricing is set according to licensing privileges granted.

The author’s website provides a page dedicated to the promotion and explanation of how the course works and all the elements that pertain to its presentation and sale. For full details on this fresh course you can visit,

About the Author

Author of five books, Reid Ashbaucher holds a B.A. degree in Comprehensive Bible from Cedarville University, Cedarville, Ohio, an M.A. degree in Christian Theology from Trinity Theological Seminary, Newburgh, Indiana, and has completed some postgraduate work towards a Ph.D. in Religious Studies, endorsed by Canterbury Christ Church University, England.

Course Availability

This Course is available within the U.S. through the author’s website, shipped on a USB thumb drive or worldwide as a download product from the Internet. One textbook paperback copy is part of the thumb drive course packaging. The textbook sells separately from the course when using the download option. Dispensational Theology: A Textbook on Eschatology in the Twenty-First Century by Reid A. Ashbaucher (Paperback ISBN: 978-1-7331399-0-8; Hardcover ISBN: 978-1-7331399-1-5) is available through the Ingram Group, distributing to over 40,000 book retailers worldwide.

Author’s Website:

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